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Simple to install, effortless to use, and top class in convenience, the versatile MobNetic Maxx is designed to work with any phone, any vehicle, anywhere. With powerful rare-earth magnets, an all aluminum housing, and quality craftsmanship, this dashboard phone mount will outlast your phone, and maybe even your car. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your ride today with a MobNetic Maxx - in ten anodized colors to match your style!



The MobNetic Maxx magnetic phone mount makes your life easier. The MobNetic magnetic mounting system is designed for everyday use and allows you to quickly and easily attach and detach your phone. 

This magnetic phone holder comes with adhesive mounting discs that allow you to securely attach it practically anywhere - from your car's dashboard to your home office desk. With the included slim device plates, your phone will stay securely mounted in nearly any environment. Best of all, the MobNetic Maxx can be used on basically any phone - no matter the size or style.

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Lock down your phone on the go, pop it off when you're not. Our magnetic phone mount is designed to securely hold your device in place with rare-earth 90lb pull-force magnets.

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Effortlessly adjust your device to the perfect viewing angle - the notched ball housing allows your device to tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. 


This mount works with just about any phone you can purchase, thanks to our simple MobNetic system. Using included adhesive device plates and mounting discs, you can mount anything, anywhere

 MobNetic Max, 2 adhesive mounting discs, and 2 adhesive MobNetic device plates

Included in the Box
- MobNetic Maxx Phone Mount
- (2) Adhesive Small Mounting Discs
- (2) Adhesive MobNetic Device Plates
- Surface Preparation Wipes

$49.99 - BUY NOW  ➡︎

Match Your Look with 10 Unique Finishes

The MobNetic Maxx magnetic phone mount is now available in 10 anodized aluminum finishes - Silver, Gunmetal, Gold, Bronze, Black, Tinted Chrome, Chrome, Blue, Pink, and Red. All mounts are still built with the same solid aluminum body - no sacrificing durability for style.

MobNetic Maxx in 10 different colors

Simple. Versatile.  Indestructible.

If you're on the road, you need a magnetic phone mount that won't let you down. The MobNetic Maxx is the perfect magnetic dashboard phone mount for commuters, truckers, and rideshare drivers alike. This phone holder has been strenuously tested to ensure it is the most reliable magnetic mount available.

Designed for Compatibility

The MobNetic Maxx was designed to work with just about any phone or small device, in practically any closed-cabin vehicle. With adhesive Mounting Discs and Device Plates, the mounting options are practically unlimited. The magnetic dashboard mount also works seamlessly with our FLEX wireless charging system, designed to be the strongest mounting and charging magnetic wireless charger on the market.


Assembled in the USA - 3 year warranty

Mob Armor products are thought up, engineered, assembled, hand-packed and shipped from our offices in Santa Maria, California. We strenuously test all products in the toughest environments to ensure you're getting the most rugged phone mounts and accessories on the market. Plus, the MobNetic Maxx comes with the aluminum-solid Mob Armor 3-Year Warranty.


MobNetic Maxx
MobNetic Maxx
Mob Mount Magnetic
Mob Mount Magnetic
MobNetic GO
MobNetic GO
Key Features Articulating, double-sided magnetic phone mount, with aluminum housing featuring 90 degree device tilt and 360 degree rotation. Articulating cradle phone mount with magnetic base and aluminum housing with 90 degree device tilt and 360 degree rotation.
Pop-socket style double-sided magnetic phone mount, with smooth aluminum spindle for easy grip.
Mount Attachment Style
90lb Pull-Force Magnet w/ Rubber Boot
90lb Pull-Force Magnet w/ Rubber Boot
90lb Pull-Force Magnet w/ Rubber Boot
Device Mounting Style Articulating 90lb Pull-Force Magnet w/ Rubber Boot
Articulating, adjustable single-slide, three point padded cradle
Fixed 90lb Pull-Force Magnet w/ Rubber Boot
Mount Material
Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum
Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum
Included in Package Mount, (2) Small Mounting Discs, (2) MobNetic Device Plates,
Surface Cleaning Wipes, Instructions
Mount, (2) Small Mounting Discs, Instructions
Mount, (2) Small Mounting Discs, (2) MobNetic Device Plates,
Surface Cleaning Wipes, Instructions


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