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WATCH: Testing to the Maxx – An Excessive Use of Force

We test the strength of our products in everyday situations. What happens if we to some not-so-everyday tests?

Testing to the Maxx

The MobNetic Maxx, the evolution of our previous best selling mount, the MobNetic Pro 90, is now made with an all-aluminum body for ultimate strength and longevity. We want our mounts to last longer than your phones, even your vehicles. The aluminum phone mount housing is precision cut from a single solid piece of aluminum, allowing for equal structural integrity all around. Plus, the 90 pound pull-force magnets lock the mount and your phone in place on the toughest of rides. A customer of ours says it best - This thing will hold your phone as you drive though a god damn hurricane and get flung 600 feet. We wouldn’t recommend driving through a hurricane, but it can certainly handle it if necessary.

So, we have done all of the real-world tests and received rock-solid testimonials from hundreds of buyers. Why not actually try to break the MobNetic Maxx? What will it actually take to render one completely out of order? Ryan (who you may remember from our Truck Series) decided to take a step out of office and try some not-so-everyday tests of strength.

An Excessive Use Of Force


So, as you can see, it takes a lot of unnatural action to really slow down the MobNetic Maxx. Will you ever be firing a paintball gun directly at the mount? We can’t rule it out entirely, but if your phone is mounted on it, we’d have to guess no. There’s a slight chance you might run over your mount, but a lot would have to go wrong for that to happen. And, good news, it can survive that beating with nothing but some cosmetic damage! Point is, we’ve tested the MobNetic Maxx in the strangest situations to prove to you that it can handle practically anything you throw (not shoot) at it.

With all of this said, we’d like to remind you that while the MobNetic Maxx does come with a 3 year warranty, it only covers manufacturer defect. Please do not try any of this at home, if you want to continue using your mount.

Maxx Strength in Our Lineup

Now that we’ve spent the time developing such a strong product in the MobNetic Maxx, we’ve decided to carry that process over to many of our other best sellers. For example, you can now retrofit your existing Mob Mount Magnetic with a new aluminum Maxx housing with our Mob Mount Maxx Accessory. You can also purchase the upgraded MobNetic STK, now known as the MobNetic Stixx. We’re also in the process of creating an all new TabNetic Maxx for your tablets and larger devices. This will feature an aluminum housing and two notches that allow for full 180 degree tilt. Even our new 38W Dual USB Car Charger is built with an aluminum housing, to outlast the longest days on the trails. 

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