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Mob Mount Maxx Accessory

MOBM2-MX-ACC https://www.mobarmor.com/web/image/product.template/130981/image_1920?unique=7fbaca4

Accessory conversion kit to swap out the original magnetic mount on your Mob Mount Magnetic to an all-aluminum magnetic mount.

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    We design our mounts to stand the toughest of tests, but are constantly improving our mounts to last even longer. While we phase out plastics for billet aluminum in our phone mounts, you may still have a Mob Mount that is still kicking. With this upgrade kit, you can easily replace the original plastic mount on the magnetic side for the same all-aluminum housing we use on our top selling MobNetic Maxx. All necessary tools are included.

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    Mob Mount upgrade kit


    Billet Aluminum - 3 year warranty - Assembled in the USA

    Our products are hand-assembled in-house in the United States and designed for daily use. An innovative approach to securing devices in and around any metallic surfaces. Use it anywhere depending on your lifestyle and activities.