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Pick the Right Radio Mount or Radio Holder for Work and Fun

Need a handheld radio mounting solution?

Do You Use a Handheld Radio For Work or Off-Roading?

If you do, we have created the simplest magnetic handheld radio mounting solution for any vehicle anywhere. 

When radio communication is of the utmost importance, make sure your handheld radio is always within reach with the Rad Mount

The aluminum construction provides a lightweight mounting solution that can keep up with your fast-paced work lifestyle. Stick it to any ferrous surface, hard mount it, or use the included steel disc for alternative mounting solutions. 

The Rad Mount is the perfect mounting solution for people that work in the following situations: 

Radio Mounts for the Truck, Construction, or Oil Field

Mount it in your truck or on another metal-friendly surface. Radios are a critical part of your daily work. We get it and engineered the strongest, easiest and best handheld radio holder for your truck. Use it at the construction job site, in the boonies at the oil rig, or anywhere where cell phones can't get the job done. Stay in communication with your handheld radio close by.

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Off-Roading and Racing

Off-roading already has enough risk, don't get stranded without communication. Used in races, fun runs, and adventure parks, the Rad Mount helps you stay safe while you are behind the wheel by being hands-free. Pick up the radio if you need it in an instant with the Rad Mount.

Mob Armor Rad Mount firetruck graphic

First Responders 

Firetruck, ambulance, and police radio mounts are critical. Calling into your team might mean life or death and we don't take that responsibility to make the best radio mounts lightly. Keep your radio nearby for daily work by placing your handheld radio on your dashboard. Always be ready for whenever you need it to make that next emergency call. 

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Do You Not Use a Handheld Radio? Then check out the MobNetic Claw or the Mob Mount Claw to hold your cell phone in your work truck.

If you don't use a handheld radio and use a smartphone, you can use the Mob Armor MobNetic Claw instead. Mount your work smartphone on any round or unusual surface using the MobNetic Claw. The three talons on the MobNetic Claw securely grabs any tubes, handles, roll cages, and boxed-shaped bars sized up to 2 inches and down to nearly 0 inches in diameter. It has a wide range of motion and 25° of tilt for adjusting the viewing angle. 

The MobNetic Claw helps you see and use your phone from every angle - no matter what type of job that you have.


MobNetic Claw Phone Holder Mounts to Tubes, Bars, Handles and More!
The MobNetic Claw features a wide range of motion with a full 360° rotation for the phone and 25° of tilt for adjusting the viewing angle.