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Mounting Your Phone in a Rental Car

Traveling is stressful enough. Navigate new roads while on vacation with confidence with your phone mounted right in view.

Using a windshield phone holder in a rental car is an easy way to make your travels less stressful. With a windshield phone holder, you can keep your eyes on the road and your phone in view, while having your phone within reach also makes it easier to follow directions while navigating new and unfamiliar roads. Installing a windshield phone holder in your rental car can be simple and fast – usually taking less than two minutes. If you already have a mount like the MobNetic Maxx, Mob Armor offers a solution to make windshield phone holders and car phone mounts that will fit in any rental car, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Check out our suggestions below!

Temporary Mounting is the Way To Go

Since you're only borrowing a car for just a few days, you don't want to fuss with tools or adhesives when installing a phone mount. The easier it is to remove the mount before returning the rental car, the better. Using a suction cup mount, or some sort of claw or clip mount, is the best solution since you can remove it with just a few quick moves.

phone mounted to MobNetic Maxx using Gecko Mini to suction to car windshield
The Gecko Mini suctions to the windshield, making it easy to mount a MobNetic Maxx.

Using the Gecko Mini for Magnetic Phone Mounts

Mob Armors Gecko Mini is a convenient and affordable windshield phone holder solution. It's a three-suction cup metal mounting accessory that creates a surface to attach MobNetic and Mob Mount Magnetic phone mounts. The suction cups securely attach to any windshield or smooth surface – making it a great solution for temporarily mounting your phone in your rental car. 

If you already have your phone set up for a MobNetic Maxx or FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger, using the Gecko Mini as a rental car phone holder is a walk in the park since your phone is already set up for magnetic mounting. All you need to do is press the Gecko Mini onto the windshield wherever you determine you want you phone mounted - safely, and not blocking your view of the road. Then, attach your MobNetic Maxx to the metal surface, toss your phone on it, and you're good to go. This setup also works great with the Mob Mount Magnetic, where you can simply attach the magnetic base to the Gecko Mini surface and put your phone in the cradle.

Using A Claw Phone Mount

If you don't have a magnetic mount, then a Mob Armor claw phone mount is a great option. It can be easily attached to any cupholder or any other part of the vehicle where it won't interfere with an airbag. You can even adjust the width of the arms depending on where the mount is best situated. With a MobNetic Claw, simply attach the claw mount and attach your phone to the magnetic mounting top - or toss your phone in the cradle of a Mob Mount Claw for a more secure mounting solution.

In Conclusion

Using a windshield phone holder like the Gecko Mini and MobNetic Maxx in a rental car is an easy way to stay safe while traveling - without having to fuss with tools, adhesives, or wires. Mob Armor offers a variety of windshield phone holders, car phone mounts and magnetic mounting accessories that will make it easy to mount your phone in any rental car. Whether you need a windshield phone holder or a claw phone mount, Mob Armor has you covered with simple and reliable solutions so you can stay connected and make the most of your road trip. 

It's time to hit the open road – get equipped with Mob Armor!

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