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MobNetic Claw Phone Holder Mounts to Tubes, Bars, Handles and More!

The MobNetic Claw features a wide range of motion with a full 360° rotation for the phone and 25° of tilt for adjusting the viewing angle.

Keep your hands-free while you work at the workbench, skate at the skate park, on an ATV, or taking the little ones out for an afternoon stroll by clipping a MobNetic Claw on your stroller handlebar and attaching your phone magnetically.

Take the phone call, video call, or text while you are on the go with your family with the MobNetic Claw from Mob Armor. No more dropping your phone or fumbling to answer a call or text. Take The MobNetic Claw, clamp camera mount with you anywhere to mount your device on any bar, shelf, or pole.


What is The MobNetic Claw? 

The MobNetic Claw (similar to the Mob Mount Claw and Action Cam Claw) is the newest addition to our popular MobNetic product line. The MobNetic is the world’s strongest magnetic smartphone mount that now uses a grab anything, mounts anywhere bar clamp. It uses magnets instead of a cradle to secure your device. Your device must have a magnetic shield on it to securely mount to our MobNetic line.

Like all the claw mounting holders, the three talons on the MobNetic Claw allow you to securely grab any tubes, grab handles, roll cages and boxed-shaped bars sized up to 2" and down to nearly 0" diameter. We recommend the cradle claw, called Mob Mount Claw, where you use a mounting holder instead of a magnet to secure your phone for open cabin vehicles (ATVs, Boats, Jeeps, Bikes, Motorcycles, and more).

The MobNetic Claw features a wide range of motion with a full 360° rotation for the phone and 25° of tilt for adjusting the viewing angle. In the image below, you see the Mob Mount Claw at the top, the Action Cam Claw in the middle, and the new MobNetic Claw at the bottom.

Mob Mount Claw advertisement
*Do not use credit card phone cases. Magnets can cause harm to credit cards. Magnets may interfere with Qi wireless charging.*

How to Perfect Your Camera Shots with a Claw Mount

How can you use your smartphone on a camera mount? We are going to break it down into a few simple steps that you can utilize in your next family gathering or play date to capture those special moments.

  • Figure out what you want to photograph (landscape or people)

  • Find a surface that your smartphone can mount on such as a pole, stroller, fence, or car rack

  • Clamp your claw mount on your predetermined surface

  • Play around with the mount until you get the right angle

  • Set your camera timer for your photo or video

  • Get a couple of shots of your preferred subject

  • Review your content to see if you got the perfect shot

If not, you can redo the steps. Be sure to adjust your location as well to ensure that you get the perfect shot!

6 Ways to Use the Claw Mount

There are a couple of ways that you can use the claw mount with your smartphone as it can be clipped on anything round such as a stroller or park fence. So how can you use it?

  1. Vlog your daily life 

  2. Follow a YouTube tutorial handsfree

  3. Take some action video shots

  4. Gather your family and friends around for the perfect group photo

  5. Perfect for surprise proposals, gender reveals, and parties

  6. Stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers

So many fun ways to capture those special moments or make your life easier.

Why The MobNetic Claw is the Perfect Choice For Any Cellular Device!

We did all the hard work and research so that you can spend more time perfecting your photography skills. Grab your GoPro and order The MobNetic Claw now because this is the only clamp camera mount you’ll ever need! It will stay clamped onto the surface of your choice while holding your camera without dropping it. Small and sleek that it will fit in any to-go bag or purse. Get those shots that you have been longing for with The MobNetic Claw!

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