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Choosing the Best Phone Mount for Rideshare or Delivery Drivers

Making the right choice for a phone mount depending on what kind of driving you do

In the past few years, the number of rideshare and delivery drivers has greatly increased. More and more people are looking to earn a few dollars driving for services like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, GrubHub, Instacart, and more. If you have taken the plunge into driving for work, you need to find an effective way to mount your phone safely. With all of the phone mounts on the market, let us break down what might work best for your driving situation.

When choosing a mount, it depends on what kind of driving you do. When driving passengers, you will likely want a more secure phone mount on your dashboard that can lock your phone into place. If you’re a food or Uber delivery driver, you are going to want an easy on-and-off dashboard phone mount to make your pickups and drop-offs a breeze. 

In many cases, you are required by law to have your phone mounted instead of in your hand. There are 24 states that require your phone to be hands-free when driving, and 28 states that ban mounting a device to your windshield, which makes a dashboard mount the safest and most secure option. On top of that, when driving passengers, you’re likely to get a higher rating when your phone is cleanly mounted in your car, instead of in your hand. Everyone is chasing that 5-star rating!

Best LYFT & Uber Phone Mounts 

Driving for Uber or Lyft can make great supplemental or even full-time income. When having dozens of strangers in and out of your car all day long, you want to lock your device in place safely, but not have a bulky phone mount on your dashboard in place when off the job. 

Your best option for a safe and secure Uber phone mount is the Mob Mount Magnetic, which locks your phone in place with a single-slide cradle. The mount temporarily attaches to your dashboard with a 90lb pull-force magnet, holding the mount in place on those rough drives.

Another option is the MobNetic Maxx, which holds both the mount and phone in place with two strong magnets, in a more compact design. The mount can tilt 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees, giving you nearly unlimited viewing angles for safest driving.

Mob Mount Switch Magnetic

Mob Mount Switch Magnetic

Best Mounts for Delivery Drivers

Whether you work for a large delivery service like Doordash or Postmates, or your local pizza restaurant, you’re going to want a more flexible mounting option. You’re likely jumping in and out of your car picking up orders and making deliveries, and you need to bring your phone with you. 

The MobNetic Maxx, paired with our FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger is your best choice to keep your phone fully charged and mount it to your dashboard for those days on the road. The FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger locks your phone in place with the same strength as the MobNetic Maxx, while also charging it. You can count on its easy on-and-off mounting to get maximum deliveries on the job.

FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

MobNetic Maxx

MobNetic Maxx

If you want a cheaper and simpler solution, try the MobNetic Go. With two strong magnets like the MobNetic Maxx, it locks the mount and phone in place on your dashboard, but also features a smooth metal spindle – like a pop-socket – to carry your phone in and out of the vehicle with you.

MobNetic GO

MobNetic GO

Which Dashboard Phone Mount Will Work Best for Me?

If you go on Amazon and look up dashboard phone mounts, it can be overwhelming. You don’t know if you’re getting a cheap plastic mount that will break after a few days, or one that will dangle off of your car vent, one day falling off. When purchasing a phone mount from Mob Armor, you are guaranteed to get an all-metal, long lasting phone mount, with a 3 year warranty backing it.

No matter what kind of driving you do, having a strong and secure mount is the most important thing behind the safety of you and your passengers or cargo. You also want to make sure you are complying with state and local laws on hands-free devices, and safe mounting locations. If you check off all of these boxes, you will have a cleaner looking ride that gets you higher ratings and faster deliveries.

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