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2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

Make sure dad is well equipped in whatever he does this Fathers Day! Get the active dad everything he needs for his days on the road, off road, on the water, or on his way to soccer practice with Mob Amor gear.

Fathers Day is just around the corner - June 18th (yes, it's that close), so now is the time to get out and show your appreciation for dad. Or maybe, you just want to treat yourself, dad - that's fine too! We've put together a list of our favorite products (we're dads too) to use daily and make our toughest job easier. Plus, who doesn't like a new gadget every now and then?? Keep reading for the best gifts for all types of dads and activities.

Mob Mount Switch Claw - For the Motorcycle, 4x4, and Cycling Dad

Maybe dad won't miss that important message or turn for once. The Mob Mount Switch Claw has an adjustable claw that mounts to any handlebar or tube from 1/4" to up to 2" in diameter, and locks your phone in place with an adjustable slide cradle for phones of practically any size. The mount also has EVA foam to absorb any bumps and vibrations along the way. The best way to keep dad on track while he's out riding is with the Mob Mount Switch Claw!

Mob Mount Switch Claw

MobNetic Maxx & FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger - For the Commuter, Trucker, or Minivan Driver

If dad is the primary driver in the family, give him the gift of convenience. The MobNetic Maxx (now available in 10 anodized colors!) and the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger pair together for the ultimate easy on-off magnetic mounting and charging solution, and can mount to practically any dashboard with the included Mounting Disc. The wireless charger is compatible with both Apple iPhone (MagSafe) and Android phones with Qi Wireless Charging, such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Motorola Moto G. 

To make things easier, we also offer this combo in our FLEX Mount and Charge kit, which includes a black MobNetic Maxx, FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger, and a 38W Dual USB Car Charger for the fastest charging speeds. Check out all three below!

MobNetic Maxx
Now Available in 10 Colors


FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

FLEX Mount & Charge Kit

Action Camera Mounts - For the Dad Who Films Everything

We all know that one dad who likes to film everything - including themselves doing activities that we know mom doesn't want to see. If dad has a GoPro, the Mob Armor Action Camera Mounts are the perfect accessory to his arsenal. With a Claw Mount to attach to handlebars, a magnetic Pivot Mount to snap on to metal, and a Direct Magnetic Mount to get those low-profile shots, dad can up his filming game and create a cinematic masterpiece (or something like that).

Action Camera Mounts

$24.99 - $39.99

Mob Mount Switch Magnetic - For the Boater or Fisherman

Navigate to the favorite fishing spots without a worry. Help dad lock in his cell phone while on the water with the Mob Mount Switch Magnetic. Featuring the same adjustable slide cradle as the Mob Mount Switch Claw, but instead mounts to your boat with a 90lb pull-force magnet for easy removal and maneuvering. Best of all, the quick twist-and-slide cradle arm means dad can grab his phone quickly to get a picture of that small-at-best fish that he caught (but it's definitely his personal best).

MobNetic Go - For the Gym Dad

If dad is all about working out and keeping track of what he's doing at the gym, the MobNetic Go is the perfect companion. It will attach his phone magnetically to practically any metal gym equipment, while also having a smooth metal spindle between the magnets to make moving from machine to machine a breeze. Plus, it easily mounts in the car, or around the house with included Mounting Discs.

MobNetic Go

Introducing the Worlds Greatest Hero, Maxx
An unfortunate accident brought us the strongest aluminum hero on the planet, Mob Maxx!