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MobNetic Maxx (MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount


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    With a billet aluminum body, the MobNetic Maxx the most durable mounting solution we have ever produced. The dual 90lb pull force rare earth magnets provide a mounting solution for multipurpose use in your vehicle, in the shop, and anywhere you go. Instant docking for your smartphone or other devices with effortless pan and 90 degree tilt adjustment.

    Made with strong rare-earth magnets that exert 90 pounds of pull-force, but will not damage your smartphone or other devices. The MobNetic Maxx is a double-sided instant docking magnet mount with solid metal construction, 360 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt.



    Our products are hand-assembled in-house in the United States and designed for daily use. An innovative approach to securing devices in and around any metallic surfaces. Use it anywhere depending on your lifestyle and activities.

    Use It Anywhere

    The magnet will attach to any surface made from iron, steel, nickel, or several other metals, so you can mount it on a variety of metal structures and objects - anywhere a magnet will stick! Also includes 2 MobNetic Shield Plate and 2 Mob Disc, for use with non-metal dashboards and other surfaces.

    Never Forget Your Phone Again

    Keeping your phone in a designated spot helps you stay clean and organized by reducing clutter. Your phone will stay in place while you drive or work, so you'll have it on hand and know right where to look for it.

    Adjustable Tilt & Rotation

    The MobNetic Maxx can tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees on it's all-aluminum ball head. Using mounting discs, you can mount your phone practically anywhere and angle it directly towards you.

    Need something for larger devices? We have you covered.

    The MobNetic Maxx is designed specifically for phones and small devices. If you need something with more magnetic strength for those larger devices and tablets, be sure to check out our TabNetic Maxx and our other tablet mounts - with over three times the magnetic pull-force.

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