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What to do When Your Mob Armor Mount Outlasts Your Cell Phone

If you purchased a new phone or case, it's not the end of the world - Mob Armor phone mounts are designed to grow with you.

These days, you might find yourself replacing your phone every year or two. You can take the best care of it - keeping it in the toughest phone cases, applying a screen protector, buying all of the protection plans – but eventually, all it takes is one perfect drop and it is done for good. Cell phones are really only designed for two to three years of heavy use, maybe a little longer if you’re kind to it. At that point, the battery starts to show some signs of age. Fortunately, Mob Armor has been engineering our phone mounts to survive the toughest of tests, especially with all of our newest mounts like the MobNetic Maxx, being built with all aluminum. So what can you do when you have a new phone or case, but the same trusty Mob Armor mount?

As you may know, we have two different options for mounting phones – MobNetic phone mounts, which attaches to your phone magnetically; and Mob Mount, which locks your phone in place with a cradle. With the Mob Mount, as long as your phone fits in the adjustable cradle, you will be able to continue using it as normal. Phones are getting larger and larger, so you may need to consider getting the larger version of which ever mount you have, if you originally had the small size. You can view the measurements of each mount right here. However, if you currently have a magnetic phone mount like the MobNetic Maxx, MobNetic Stixx, or MobNetic Go, there's no stress at all. You’ll just need to purchase a new device plate. It’s as simple as adding a new MobNetic Plate to your new phone or case, just like when you originally purchased the mount.

If you’ve purchased a new phone that is Qi Wireless Charging (like a new Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola or HTC Android phone) or MagSafe compatible (such as the iPhone 13), you might want to consider taking advantage of the new wireless charging technology to keep your phone fully charged when on the go. Instead of adding a MobNetic Plate to the back of your phone or case, take a look at our new FLEX wireless charging and mounting system. The new Mag FLEX Plate is a slim rubber plate with a magnetic array that allows uninterrupted wireless charging when paired with the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger (a Mag FLEX Plate is included in the box). While this is a new product line for us, we’ve designed it to be compatible with all of our MobNetic phone mounts. This means you can magnetically mount the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger to the top of your MobNetic Maxx or any other magnetic phone mount, and then place your phone on top to wirelessly charge your phone. You can still have the quick mounting solution that you’re used to, with the added benefit of keeping your phone charged on-the-go.

No matter what happens to your phone, we can almost guarantee that our phone mount will outlast it. We’ve developed our products to grow with you, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing an entirely new mount when it’s time for a new phone. That being said, we’re constantly improving our products and coming up with new phone mount solutions, so be sure to check back with us when the time comes for a new one – new car, new driver, or just need to see something new on your dashboard.

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