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Using the MobNetic Maxx as an Engine Performance Computer Mount

See how we teamed up with FiTech to make the perfect dashboard mount for your dashboard handheld.

Are you looking for a dashboard handheld mount that will keep your dashboard organized and help you get the most out of your car's performance? Then look no further than FiTech's Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount. This all-in-one mounting kit, based on our bestselling MobNetic Maxx magnetic phone mount, is designed to securely hold any of FiTech’s handheld in place, giving you easy access to accurately adjust information without taking up valuable space on your dash.  

With its strong magnetic base, articulating top, and adhesive mounting discs, the FiTech Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount provides a reliable solution for keeping your handheld within reach while driving. Whether it’s going in your classic muscle car or your hotrod, read on to learn more about what makes this magnetic handheld mount so versatile! 

How the Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount Works 

The Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount consists of two powerful pull-force magnets, one for mounting to the vehicle dashboard and one to attach the FiTech Handheld. The kit includes a large metal plate so that it can securely hold the handheld in place and prevent any slipping or sliding while driving. And if you’re looking to mount the handheld on a non-ferrous dashboard surface, such as plastic or rubber, our set of adhesive metal mounting discs are included for easy installation. 

For quick access and convenience, the magnetic top of the Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount can be easily tilted up to 90 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. This, along with the mounting discs, allows you practically unlimited mounting options.  

Where to Mount Your FiTech Handheld 

When mounting your magnetic handheld mount, it’s important to keep in mind that the handheld should be kept in sight and within reach, but not blocking your view of the road. We recommend that you mount it in a place where it won’t obstruct your ability to drive safely.   

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your magnetic handheld mount, you’ll be able to monitor your engine health live and make adjustments on the go.  Using a handheld is an ideal solution to adjust and get the most out of their car’s performance and enjoy safe and easy access to tuning information. And, if you’ve already invested time and money into improving your ride, you’ll want to keep your dash nice and clean with a Premium Magnetic mount.  

What Is a Good Unit to Use? 

If you’re going to use the FiTech Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount in your ride, we can happily recommend using any of the FiTech Handheld from there signature throttle body systems to their LS platform.  You’ll be able to access critical engine information such as AFR (air fuel ratio), boost reference, coolant temps, battery voltage and numerous other data viewing options. This handheld works seamlessly with the mount, allowing you to place it practically anywhere.  

Of course, you need to use an engine performance computer that is compatible with your system, so if you need to use something different, you can still use our own MobNetic Maxx as a dashboard engine programming mount.  

In Conclusion 

The FiTech's Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount is the perfect solution for keeping your handheld secure and within reach while driving. With its strong magnetic base, articulating top, and adhesive mounting discs, this all-in-one dashboard tuning kit provides a reliable way to monitor engine health live and make adjustments on the go. Whether you’re using the FiTech New Style Handheld for LS Systems 70001-70051 Ultimate LS or another compatible handheld with our mount, you can be sure that it will securely hold any magnetic device in place without taking up valuable space on your dash. Get ready to enjoy safe access to accurate tuning information with the help of the MobNetic Maxx and FiTech's Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount

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