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The Strongest Wireless Charger on the Market - The ALL NEW FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

A long time in the works, our newest product is ready to ship to you!

At Mob Armor, we’ve always looked for simple solutions to not-so-simple everyday problems. We were sick of flimsy cradle mounts when off roading, so we created the Mob Mount Series. When we wanted something a little easier on-and-off, we came up with the MobNetic Pro 90 (now the MobNetic Maxx). And now, as better cell phone technology ends up in more pockets, we have taken advantage of that, too.

We’d like to introduce to you the all new Mob Armor FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger. We’ve taken advantage of existing MagSafe and Qi Wireless Charging technology to create the strongest magnetic wireless charging system in the industry. Our proprietary FLEX mounting system adds additional magnetic strength – even stronger than MagSafe - between the charger and the phone with the Mag FLEX Plate, which attaches to the back of your phone or case, much like what our MobNetic Plates do. This system still allows the fastest wireless charging speeds available on your device – up to 15W on MagSafe compatible iPhones, such as the iPhone 12 and 13. If you would like to keep your phone flush and flat without the Mag FLEX Plate, the wireless charger will charge your phone just the same, less some magnetic connection strength. This product is also compatible with Android phones that include Qi Wireless Charging, such as Samsung Galaxy and LG V  and G series phones.

Our goal was to keep our popular magnetic on-and-off mounting solutions available while adding magnetic charging power. We’ve developed the Flex Magnetic Wireless Charger to be compatible with all of our MobNetic series mounts, such as the popular MobNetic Maxx, magnetically attaching to the rear of the Charger with the same strength as a typical MobNetic plate. Check out some of our Charger and MobNetic bundles here. 

The FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger was designed and engineered in the USA with everyday use in mind - when installed with the Mag FLEX Plate, the charger will hold you phone snug while keeping it fully charged, both on and off road. We stress test all of our devices in daily life situations to ensure they can stand up to whatever you may throw at them, and proudly offer our Mob Armor three year warranty guarantee on this product and all components.

Click here to shop and learn more about the all new FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger and mounting bundles →

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