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The Story of the FLEX System

Join us on the roads we took to create the strongest and most rugged magnetic wireless phone charger on the market.

Many of you may know we’ve been working on our new FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger for quite a while now. Wireless charging is a technology that has been constantly refined, and reliable industry standards for it have not been developed until recent years. Now that Apple has made MagSafe wireless charging standard with their phones, and Qi wireless charging is prevalent among Samsung, LG, HTC and other Android phones, our team here at Mob Armor has been able to find our unique spot in this market to create a rugged wireless charging solution that works in many applications.

The goal of our product design team is to create rugged yet ergonomic device mounts and accessories that work just as well in extreme use as they do in everyday use. With people using their phones increasingly more for navigation and entertainment both on and off road, your devices battery is under constant usage. You toss your phone up on your dashboard phone mount and drive off, arriving at your destination with just a percentage of battery left. Our solution to both of these issues was to create a wireless charging and mounting solution, so you can set it and forget it. 

Our research and trials showed that simply using the magnetic mounting strength from Apple MagSafe was not enough to hold your device vertically on a mount for anything more than the smoothest of roads. These findings were even worse when used with a phone case in between. Naturally, we looked back at our MobNetic mounts for solutions – by adding a small ferrous plate to the device, it increases the magnetic bond by a great deal. This set us off on our journey to create a new mounting system to allow fast wireless charging while also increasing the magnetic bond between a wireless charger and your phone – what soon became the Mag FLEX Plate.

Mag FLEX plate and wireless charger

The Mag FLEX Plate is a new slim device plate that features rubber overmoulded magnets in a round plate, attaching adhesively to your phone or case, directly over the wireless charging array. At 2.5mm thick, you will hardly notice the difference in overall thickness when mounted. The proprietary magnetic array inside the plate will create a strong magnetic mounting bond on all Qi wireless charging devices, and a superior bond than what is offered by Apple MagSafe. The plate still allows seamless wireless charging on both technologies, while magnetic mounting securely to our FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger as an all-in-one mounting and charging solution.

phone connecting to MobNetic Maxx and FLEX Wireless Charger

We took our plans a step further and made our FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger compatible with our MobNetic series phone mounts, to give you nearly unlimited wireless mounting and charging solutions. With this system, you simply mount the Charger to the magnetic phone mount, and then mount your phone to the charger. To make picking out a charger and mount even easier, we’ve bundled them together with our new Voltage Series 38W Dual USB Car Charger. You can shop all of those bundles right here.

No matter what rugged terrain you take the new FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger through, your phone will stay secure and charged to the very end of your trip. If you have any tales of travels with any of our mounts or accessories, be sure to share it with us on Instagram by following and messaging @MobArmor!

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