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The BIG Difference Between Mob Armor Phone and Tablet Mounts

Since the beginning of time, or at least 2014, Mob Armor has been innovating new ways to mount devices in practically any situation. When we first released the MobNetic Pro 90, there were questions on how big of a device it would hold. While it was designed for phones and smaller devices like tuners, the 90lb pull-force magnet could hold something a bit bigger, although rather cramped with the smaller size. So, we moved forward with designing mounts specifically for tablets – by simply growing the size of the mount and magnets!

Mob Armor MobNetic phone and tablet mounts size comparison

MobNetic Maxx

MobNetic Maxx logo

When you put the current iterations of our most popular magnetic phone and tablet mounts (the MobNetic Maxx and TabNetic Maxx) side by side, you can see the real difference – the TabNetic is just the big brother with a few more skills. First off, the TabNetic Maxx is a full two inches taller and an inch wider than the MobNetic Maxx. The magnets exert an additional 200lbs of pull-force, bringing it to 290lbs per magnet – locking your device and the mount in on even the roughest roads. On top of all of this, with the help of a larger mount housing, we were able to add a second tilt notch, giving the mount 180 degrees of overall tilt. With larger magnets, a bigger footprint, and a taller housing, the TabNetic Maxx is designed specifically to hold larger devices comfortably while allowing maximum articulation to give the best viewing angle. 

With all this said, we recommend that you use the TabNetic Maxx for any device larger than an iPad Mini (we do recommend the TabNetic for this too), and keep the MobNetic Maxx for the phones and small devices. Both are made with the same aircraft-grade billet aluminum housings, and rare-earth neodymium magnets, and both come with the Mob Armor three year warranty. Also, if you need a different mounting style for roll cages, dashboards, and more, check out our TabNetic mounts with different mounting bases for different applications.

If you’re interested in something more heavy duty for phone or tablet mounting, also be sure to check out our Mob Mount and Tab Mount series – both with adjustable cradles to lock in your devices for the absolute toughest of trails.

TabNetic Maxx

TabNetic Maxx logo

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