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The Best Gear for Our First Responders

Smartphone and radio device mounts for first responders

Communication Tools: The Best Gear for Our First Responders

As a first responder, you always need to be prepared for the next emergency. But how can you be best prepared with your communication devices? You want your phone or radio to be close, mobile, easy, and hand-free.

At Mob Armor, we created smartphone and radio device mounts for first responders. Learn more about our best phone cradle called the Mob Mount Claw, the magnetic phone holder called the MobNetic Maxx (MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount, and the new radio mount called the RadMount. Which one is right for you? 

The MobNetic Maxx (the previous model was the MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount 

The MobNetic Maxx (MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount comprises dual 90lb pull force rare earth magnets that provide an instant mounting solution that you can take anywhere you go. With this magnetic car mount, it has instant docking for your smartphone or other devices with an effortless pan and 90-degree tilt adjustment. Even if you are in a rush to get to the next emergency, you can dock your smartphone device in the van and move to the next task. 

Other great benefits of this car mount are the following:

  • Never Forget Your Phone Again
    • Keep your phone in a designated area to help you stay organized. You will always know where your phone is. Your phone will stay in place while you work your shift, and you'll have it on hand whenever you need it.
  • Adjustable Tilt & Rotation
    • Color blocks are a simple and effective way to present and highlight your content. Choose an image or a color for the background. You can even resize and duplicate the blocks to create your layout. Add images or icons to customize the blocks.
  • Use Your Magnetic Car Mount Anywhere
    • The magnet will attach to any surface made from iron, steel, nickel, or several other metals. Mount it on a variety of metal structures and objects. Therefore, giving you more options for accessibility to your smartphone.

The Mob Mount Switch Cradle with a Claw mount 

Check out our most versatile mount that works to secure your iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Android, and more

From motorcycle phone cradle to firetruck phone mount our Mob Mount Switches don't require any additional pieces to secure your device in-cabin or with an open-cabin vehicle. 

The claw is a phone mounting clamp for your truck, emergency vehicle, trauma center, military training camp, or any other extreme rescue mission. The Switch comes with a powder coat finish for durability. There are currently three mounting options with more to come for this versatile product due to its unique design with a universal bracket. 

Devie Cradle and Claw Mount Specs: 

  • Made from 5052 aluminum alloy 
  • Adjustable tab to accommodate any phone size 
  • Twist lock that can quickly and easily to secure your device 
  • Attachment bracket to allow different mounting options 
  • High-density closed-cell EVA foam protects from shock & vibration

Mob Armor Mounts

Shop our first responder gear and help keep your smartphone easily accessible during your work shift! 


Learn More About the Rad Mount Handheld Radio Mount for Cars, and Trucks

We call it Rad for a reason. It is the simplest magnetic handheld radio mounting solution for any vehicle anywhere. 

Our radio holder is Manufactured from 5052 aluminum alloy and features a 90lb pull-force magnet. It mounts easily on your dash and keeps your radio in arms reach. There are times radio communication means life or death; we don't take that lightly. 

Most popular compatible radios:

  • Baofeng UV-5R; UV-82
  • Icom F1000; F2000
  • Kenwood NX-1200; TK-2312; TK-3312
  • Motorola VX-261


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