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Replace Your Vent Phone Holder for Professional Drivers with Ours

Drive Your Truck Hands Free the Smart Way

A vent phone holder is an essential item for any modern-day driver. Many of us use our cell phones for directions or to listen to music or podcasts. As professional drivers who are on the road constantly year-round, having a cell phone nearby is important for work or getting in touch with loved ones. 

Vent Phone Holder vs Magnetic Phone Holder

As a professional driver, it is important to be safe while driving out on the road and for that very reason we have come up with several reasons why replacing your supposedly, long-lasting vent phone holder for professional drivers needs an upgrade to a strong magnetic, pivoting mount by Mob Armor.

Upgrade your vent phone holder

  1. Prevent driving distractions

Vent holders are wobbly. Keep your eyes on the road instead of looking for your phone every time it rings or buzzes when a phone call or text message comes through. Answer the phone with the touch of a button using our magnetic mounts.

  1. Never miss a phone call

Don’t fumble around with a plastic phone mount and miss a phone call because you didn’t get to your phone fast enough. Have your cell phone within arms reach to always answer in the first few rings. You can also easily pivot the magnetic mount to see the incoming calls without worrying your phone will fly out at every turn.

  1. Hear your phone conversations better

The vent phone holder is on a vent. Vents make noise. Let people hear you and hear them better by getting your phone away from the vent. Conversations are MUCH better when both parties hear each other.

  1. Check your maps easier and effectively

Magnetic mounts move easily and hold a phone securely in any direction. Up, down, slanted, magnetic mounts do it all! At a glance, you will know where you are going and keep an eye out for upcoming traffic or when a cop is driving near you. You won't get lost because you will always be rerouted to get to your final destination.

Your safety comes first. Stay safe while driving. Don’t text and drive. Keep your eyes on the road with a long-lasting vent phone holder from Mobarmor so you can always know where you are going, listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, and connect with loved ones back home.

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