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Playing It Safe: Stay in Touch on the Trails

Going off road often means going offline. Having a handheld radio may be the only way to keep in touch.

For most of us, getting out on the trails usually means going off the grid. The thrill of exploring an area that’s not easily accessible to all is not only a challenge, but a reward. It means you’ve taken the time to plan the ride out, gathered all of the right equipment, and made the journey. You’ve probably invested plenty into your ride as well – whether you’re in a side-by-side ATV, a Jeep, a truck, or any other vehicle, it’s been tuned by you to make this journey possible. One of the most important investments, however, can often be overlooked: communication.

We keep our cell phones by our side all of the time. On the road, we almost always have reception and can get ahold of friends, family, or help with ease. But off road, we don’t always have that luxury. You might be miles into the wilderness when a situation arises that you need a helping hand. If there’s no cell service, you won’t be able to make a call or use the quick-talk app that you usually use. This is where a radio comes into play.

What Kind Of Radio Can I Use?

There are several different kinds of radios used to communicate when off the grid. You could go with a CB radio, something that you can use handheld or mounted to your vehicle, for days you’re going to be within a few miles range of other riders or base camp. There’s also HAM radios, which can work at great distances (we’re talking thousands of miles) but with relatively limited compatibility across bandwidths. Ultimately, the best choice for a day in the wilderness would be a VHF radio. These radios come in all forms, handheld and vehicle mounted, and work on a broad range of channels. Their range is impeccable as well, and are used real-world in industries from forest work to marine traffic. 

How Can I Mount My Handheld Radio?

When you pick a radio that’s right for you, they are all but worthless if not within an arms reach at all times. Whether you have a handheld or vehicle mounted radio, quick access is key in any situation – and with a quick and easy release to get the call out on time. Using the aluminum alloy Rad Mount, you can keep your radio on a quick-release magnet clip that will lock on in the roughest terrain, but pop right off when you pick it up.  d

You never know when you might need to make a quick call for help, and keeping a quality radio right within reach might just save your life. Cell service is not a guarantee, but with the right radio, it’s likely someone will hear your call.

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