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Mob Armor Truck - Episode ONE

The Making Of Something Special


Ryan and Mike have a surprise for you – the all new but actually work in progress Mob Armor mini truck. We got our hands on a highly modified 2007 Polaris 700 XP Ranger not too long ago, with the plans of making it the official Mob Armor off-road mascot. The problem is, it just wasn’t quite fast enough. Or big enough. Or cool enough. So, we’re bringing you this YouTube mini-series on our not-so-top-secret special project. 

Check back every couple weeks for updates on this project as we rebuild and repower this truck into the... Wait a second, we don’t have a name for it yet! Drop a comment on the YouTube video with name ideas – if we pick yours, we’ll send you some free Mob Armor merch!

In this episode, Ryan and Mike work out what it’s going to take to repower the 700 XP to something more…thrilling. So, they bought a snowmobile (duh?) to swap out the 40hp Polaris engine for a 170hp Yamaha Apex Mountain Snowmobile engine. In order to do that, they need to do some extensive frame work, among a bunch of other tweaks to get the engine in place while keeping the riders comfortable. The goal is to get all of this done before King of Hammers 2022, so the clock is ticking…

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