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Mob Armor Truck - Episode FOUR

Starting Over


Hey, nice body. Thanks to Fiberwerx (IG: @fiberwerx), the new truck body has arrive and the guys can start building out the rest of the frame to fit the goods. There’s a few more changes that have to happen, like adding more height under the hood, clearing out space for the wheel wells, and more room for the differential. So, what’s the best option here? Of course, starting the design from scratch! Did we also mention that there’s only 10 days until our appearance at King of Hammers 2022?

In order to fit the timeline (and budget), Ryan and Mike are planning on reusing some old parts in combination with some new plasma cut parts to get the best of both worlds. There’s also some front bumper drama, along with questions with the steering column. The guys have it all under control, though – now that there’s a body to build under, the vision is finally coming to life. The question remains – will the new(ish) Mob Armor Truck make it to KOH? Stay tuned and find out next episode!

We want to give a big shout out again to Fiberwerx for getting the body shipped out to our warehouse on short notice! Be sure to follow them on Instagram or check out their website here.

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