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Looking Back At 2022 - A Thanksgiving Reflection

We're thankful for all of our loyal supporters, our hard-working crew, and what we have planned for the future

The year is coming to a close, and there is no time like now to sit back and reflect on your trials and your achievements. We’ve had plenty of both and are thankful for all of it. Of course, we’re most thankful for you, our loyal supporters, for stocking up and rocking our Mob Armor gear loud and proud on all your adventures. Whether you tagged us online while on the road, purchased an arsenal of gear from our website, or even came to visit us at one of the many events this year, your continued support drives us to keep improving our ever-growing product line to suit your needs even better. Anyways, since it’s Thanksgiving, let's take a look back at some of the things we’ve been able to accomplish this year.

We Hit The Road Bigger Than Ever

This was a big year for events. The Mob Armor engineering crew worked around the clock to get us ready to hit the road with an all-new mobile shop trailer. With the new branded trailer, we were able to load up new displays with our top products, new swag, and even a sweet new custom mini-truck to cruise around the events in.

Mob Armor truck and trailer
The Mob Armor truck and trailer at 2022 Easter Jeep Safari

All in all, Mob Armor made it to eight big events, including King of Hammers, multiple Off-Road Expo events, Easter Jeep Expo, Visions Off-Road Fest, and more. Getting the team out there to meet face-to-face with our fans was not only fun for everyone, but also gave us great insight into our customer needs and how we can tweak and improve our products to fit as many individual use cases as possible. We have more in store for next year, so be sure to keep up with our plans on our Events page.

We Took Our Tablet Line to the MAXX

various Mob Armor tablet mounts

After strengthening the smartphone mounting product line (literally strengthening – to all metal housings), it was time to tackle our tablet mounts. They’re still the same mounts you know and love, but now made with all-aluminum housings. Plus, we added a second ball housing notch, giving up to 180 degrees of tilt to most of the mount. These upgrades make our tablet mounts more durable than ever before, ensuring long-lasting use and protection for your devices. Be sure to check out the new tablet mounting lineup here!

We Made Charging Even Easier – Dare I Say, FLEXible

Mob Armor has had device charging products in our lineup for quite some time now – USB car chargers, wire harnesses for UTVs, and more. It wasn’t until this year that we stepped into the wireless charging game with the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger, but thanks to you all, it turned into an instant hit. With new technology emerging and phones constantly changing, the FLEX family has turned into a dynamic product line, and something we’ll be improving on for years to come. 
phone mounted to FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger attached to a MobNetic Maxx

What’s Up Next?

It’s been a busy year, but we’re not done just yet. We have a few surprises in our back pockets, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for news and product tips, and join our mailing list for product announcements and more (we don’t like spam just as much as you, don’t worry).

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