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Introducing the Worlds Greatest Hero, Maxx

An unfortunate accident brought us the strongest aluminum hero on the planet, Mob Maxx!


Mob had always dreamed of becoming a professional in his chosen field, constantly striving to excel and leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of success. During his high school years, he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills as the captain of the football team, and to top it off, he even won the heart of a girl he had long admired. It seemed like Mob's life was on an upward trajectory, and he was confident that he was destined for greatness.

However, as time went by, Mob found himself stuck in a rut while the world around him continued to evolve. His once-determined spirit began to fade, and he started experiencing sleepless nights filled with self-doubt and frustration. To make matters worse, his girlfriend left him, adding to his growing sense of sadness, brokenness, and aimlessness. He found himself aimlessly wandering the streets, desperately searching for a purpose that seemed just out of reach.

Amidst his despair, Mob stumbled upon a help wanted sign for lab testing. With nothing to lose and a glimmer of hope rekindled within him, he walked through the doors and embraced the unknown. The experiments that followed were fraught with uncertainty, but Mob's resilience pushed him forward.

Then, one fateful day, an unforeseen accident occurred during one of the lab tests. To Mob's astonishment, his entire bodily structure underwent a radical transformation, morphing into an aluminum alloy with extraordinary magnetic powers. It was a profound alteration that forever changed his life.

Empowered by his newfound abilities, Mob embraced his destiny. Equipped with specially designed metal Mob Discs, he could unleash lightning-fast boomerang attacks, catching his foes off guard with precision and force. Additionally, he possessed Shield Plates, which allowed him to protect himself and others, shielding them from harm's way.

Realizing that this was the calling he had been waiting for, Mob adopted the alter ego of Maxx. With a renewed sense of purpose, he committed himself to living life to the fullest and making a positive difference in the world. Maxx became a beacon of hope and inspiration, using his magnetic powers and technological advancements to aid ordinary individuals in achieving extraordinary feats.

Join Maxx in his journey making lives of everyday citizens easier and safer! Follow him on our YouTube and Instagram, or look for him around our website!

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