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How Did We Pick the New MobNetic Maxx Colors?

We didn't just pull colors out of a hat - a great deal of research, thought, and testing went into our choices.

Since the launch of our innovative magnetic car phone mounts, we’ve been working hard to stay ahead of the curve and create products that meet the ever-changing trends of the car industry. Now with 9 new magnetic phone mount color options in our best-selling MobNetic Maxx, you can turn your vehicle into a statement piece without sacrificing performance and convenience. 

These magnetic phone mounts have all the features you know and love from our original black MobNetic Maxx – a solid billet aluminum body and 90lb pull-force magnets, so you’ll never have to worry about your phone flying off the dashboard. And now with 9 new anodized color options, you can customize your magnetic car phone mount to match the interior / exterior of your car, or your personality. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and sleek or a color that pops, the MobNetic Maxx magnetic car phone mounts have got it all!

Anyways, besides customer feedback, there's a few factors that came into play when deciding on new MobNetic Maxx colors. Here's how we chose...

MobNetic Maxx in red, blue, gunmetal, and silver

Red, Blue, Gunmetal, Silver

According to KBB.com, the 6 most popular car colors for 2022 are as follows: grey, white, black, silver, blue, and red. These 6 colors account for nearly 80% of all the cars on the road. Since the magnetic phone mount will be sitting in your view on your dashboard, you might want to have it match the exterior of your car.

MobNetic Maxx in bronze, chrome, and dark chrome

Bronze, Chrome, Dark Chrome

Chrome has made a comeback in recent years. We're finding more and more chrome accents on both car and truck interiors and exteriors. On top of that, there's an increasing popularity in bronze rims - and if you've taken the time and money to swap out for some flashy rims, you should probably invest in a phone mount that matches.

MobNetic Maxx in pink and gold

Pink and Gold

Some people just like to have something flashy in their lives. We've been hearing it for a while now, "when are you going to make a pink mount??", so we had to get one in the mix. While we didn't hear as many requests for the gold, it's another popular car color and a favorite of many when it comes to personal accessories.

MobNetic Maxx in various colors displayed the ground outside

Other Factors When Deciding Colors

We worked with our suppliers to test different shades and finishes to come up with the perfect lineup. It was quickly determined anodizing would be the best option to finish the MobNetic Maxx. Anodizing was an easy choice for several reasons - it won't flake or chip like traditional paint, it will hold its color for extended periods of time, and the manufacturing process is pretty simple. Unfortunately, one small drawback is that there is a limited color palate. We went back and forth with a few additional colors, but could not achieve the color tone we wanted. In the future, we may explore other options, but for now bring a little flash into your life with a new anodized MobNetic Maxx!

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