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Best Cell Phone Holder(s) to Buy Now

The Device Mounts Everyone is Gushing About

The Car Cell Phone Holder(s) everyone is talking about 

It's challenging to find the perfect car cell phone holder or mount, especially with so many options and all the different types of devices out on the market today. It is rare to find the perfect one size fits all car cellphone holder. For all cellphone users, it is crucial to find a sturdy cell phone holder that can hold the weight of your phone for prolonged periods without flopping off the mount or breaking it after using it a few times. 

Mob Armor has created two new car cellphone holders everyone loves. Want to explore what all the fuss is about? You know you do. 

MobNetic Maxx (MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount

Our pride and joy meet the MobNetic Maxx. We will just come out and say it; the Maxx is the most durable mounting solution we have ever produced. The Maxx has a billet aluminum body and dual 90lb pull force rare earth magnets that provide a mounting solution for multipurpose use in your vehicle or anywhere you go. Instant docking for your smartphone or other devices with effortless pan and 90-degree tilt adjustment. Our magnetic mounts will be compatible with wireless charging and continuously be updated to match the latest phones. 

MobNetic Go - Magnetic Phone Holder, Mount, and Stand

The MobNetic Go features a smooth aluminum spindle contoured for any set of hands. The dual magnets provide a mounting solution for any ferrous surface. Mounting a handheld device or tool is simple with the included steel plate and disc.

3 Perks of those Magnetic Phone Holder

You must be wondering why you should consider a magnetic phone holder. We have compiled three perks of our magnetic cell phone holders.

1. Powerful Magnets

  • Made with strong rare-earth magnets that exert 90 pounds of pull force, but will not damage your smartphone or other devices. A double-sided magnetic mount is separated by an aircraft-grade aluminum spindle that is easy to handle.

2. Use It Anywhere

  • The magnet will attach to any surface made from iron, steel, nickel, or several other metals. You can mount it on a variety of metal structures and objects so that the magnet will stick! Also, it includes an adhesive disc and shield plate to be used on non-metal dashboards and other surfaces.

3. Part of a Portable and Versatile System 

  • Move the device from car to truck to the gym to home without skipping a beat. Keeping your phone in a designated spot helps you stay clean and organized by reducing clutter. Your phone will stay in place while you drive or work, so you'll have it on hand and know right where to look for it.

We hope you take a minute to explore our cell phone mounts, cradles, and holders to see which ones are a fit for your lifestyle.

Either use a Mob Armor mount with confidence or roll the dice on another brand for protecting and using your smart device in the car. At Mob Armor, we are rolling out a new series of products that will benefit any smartphone cellphone owner, so they never forget their phone and always have it within reach. 

Want to Gush With Us? 

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