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Mag FLEX Plate Application


wipe phone case

Wipe phone or case surface with included wipe before applying template. Allow to completely dry before aligning or applying Plate template.


line up guide lines evenly on your phone

The Mag Flex Plate template has guide lines, ABCDE and 123. Line up evenly on your phone, ensuring you're centered on the device. iPhones equipped with MagSafe will align magnetically, with ease.


peel down the center tab to expose adhesive center

Point pull tab up and make sure Mob Armor Logo is positioned your desired direction. Peel down the center tab to expose the adhesive center of the Mag Flex Plate


hold down center of mag flex plate with one hand and peel down and back the sides of the template

Hold down center of Mag Flex Plate with one hand and peel down and back the sides of position template. Double check you are centered and aligned than remove template. Press firmly for 60 seconds, and allow 30 minutes to cure before use.