Corporate Responsibility

On top of being an industry leader, Mob Armor strives to be a community leader and an example for companies of all sizes.

Eliminating Plastic Waste

Mob Armor is committed to reducing the plastic waste issues plaguing our planet. By 2022, we will phase out all plastic in our products, creating a more sustainable, recyclable product line.

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Local Community

Between donations and volunteering, Mob Armor something something for Santa Maria, the Central Coast, and beyond.

Supporting our Veterans and First Responders

Mob Armor provides equipment to local first responders, veterans, and more. Need some text here.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Response

At the height of the global pandemic, Mob Armor ceased normal production to manufacture and ship out face shields, as well as masks for frontline workers and beyond. While we have resumed normal operations, we continue our help for those on the frontline continuing the fight.