Flash Grip C

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Product Description

The Flash Grip® C has all of the robust durability of the original Flash Grips, but with a custom clip designed for tactical and C-size flashlights. Keep a Flash Grip nearby, and you’ll have light where you need it without the awkwardness of growing a third limb. The Flash Grip C, coupled with your favorite flashlight, is the perfect portable work light for anybody who's ever cursed while holding their flashlight between their teeth as they worked. Buy one for you and one for your significant other so they don’t have to keep borrowing it. If you need one for a smaller or larger flashlight, check out our Flash Grip AA or Flash Grip D. Each Flash Grip has a hefty, magnetic base that can be attached to any ferrous metal surface or stood up on any surface.

Specs and Features

  • Fits C-Battery and Tactical sized flashlights
  • Magnetically attaches to any ferrous metal surface
  • Keeps your flashlight up and out of the way while you work
  • Works great under the hood of a car, truck, tank or rocket engine
  • Rotates and tilts to get the best lighting angle


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