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Why I Hate Car Phone Holders

Phone Mount Reviews

Ever read the reviews for universal phone mounts and holders? It seems like it's hard to find a product that actually, you know, holds the phone steady in your car or truck. 

Maybe you experienced a few subpar phone mounts and cradles yourself to know exactly the pain of breaking yet another cheaply made holder. Most of these phone holders don't hold your smartphone correctly, causing your phone to fall underneath the seat or cracks from sun exposure and leaving drivers without the GPS for directions or the ability to answer a call while on the road safely. But what can be done to make better, long-lasting cell phone holders for busy people? 

Cellphone Holders, Cradles, and Mounts You Won't Hate

Mob Armor has created two different series of car cellphone holders that are sturdy and long-lasting. Keep your hands-free while driving with your device within eye reach to answer that phone or follow the GPS directions.

Mob Mount Series

  • Our Mob Mount series is the ultimate solution for smartphone holders, locking in devices of all sizes for the most rugged and versatile of applications. These are our most secure mounting solutions, and many can be used in both closed and open cabin vehicles such as boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and bikes. 

MobNetic Series

  • Simple, Versatile, Fast, and Compact. These universal magnetic mounts are also all metal and are rugged. Consistently rated top-in-class, these everywhere mounts are a powerful instant-docking solution for smartphones, tools, and much more.

Review the cellphone holders in both series to see which one is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. You might be happy to know, most of our products are compatible with each other. Used for multiple devices and vehicles, we created a Mob Armor device mounting system for most of your life needs. 

At Mob Armor, we drop new products all the time. They are engineered to benefit any smartphone cellphone owner, so they never forget their phone and always have it within reach. Use your phone anywhere you need to be with Mob Armor.

The Mob Armor Lifestyle Brand is Dispelling the Hatred of Car Cellphone Holders NationwideMob Armor was established in 2014 as a part of Solve-It! Companies LLC. Manufacturing heavy-duty mounting solutions and accessories for phones, cameras, tablets, tools, and more. We hold ourselves accountable for sourcing each of our products with high-quality components. 

Mob Armor's mission is to empower people to accomplish their goals by engineering products that exceed expectations and match lifestyle in design and performance. Each product is hand-assembled and designed to take an innovative approach to secure mobile devices in and around heavy-duty equipment.

We vow to continue innovating and manufacturing products to perform in the most extreme environments. Therefore, creating long-lasting, sturdy cell phone holders for first responders, contractors, manufacturing facilities, and many other heavy-duty industries.

No need to hate cell phone holders anymore! 

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