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WATCH: Adding Magnetic Wireless Charging to your Android Phone

With the FLEX System, we've brought the option to mount your Android phone directly to our FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger


Wireless charging technology has been around for a few years now, primarily in the form of Qi wireless charging in Android devices. It wasn’t until recently that Apple added wireless charging capability to their iPhone lineup with all new MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12, and now iPhone 13. MagSafe allows wireless charging with a strong magnetic bond, keeping the phone locked into place with the charger when in use. This new feature has given birth to a whole new family of car charging and mounting combinations, holding and charging your phone in light duty situations, like commuting or driving for rideshare services. Mob Armor saw a problem with this, since it leaves out a large portion of the market when it comes to magnetically mounting and charging technology. This is why the FLEX system was created.

Since launching the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger, we’ve received several calls and messages about how the FLEX system will work with their Android phone. Androids come in many shapes and sizes from manufacturers all around the world, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus, and more. However, the wireless charging coils in all of them are located in the same spot: the dead center of the back of the phone. We want to help you mount your Mag FLEX Disc in the perfect spot to achieve constant maximum charging speeds.

To start, we strongly recommend using the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger on its own to locate the optimal charging placement on the phone. Locate the center of the device, place the charger on it, and wait for confirmation that the device is being charged (usually with a sound or a vibration). Leave the charger there for at least 60 seconds to confirm it has a good connection.

You’re now ready to mount the disc. Take the Mag FLEX Disc (still attached to the alignment template) and settle it into place where the charger was. Use the lines on the template to ensure it is centered on the device. It is important to keep the plate on a flat surface on the phone or case, and not have it interfere or be raised by any camera bumps. Now, while holding the plate down, remove each side of the alignment template individually and press the plate down to apply the adhesive. When completely pressed down, your device will be ready to magnetically wirelessly charge with the FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger.

Don’t worry, if you have multiple phones you’d like to use the charger with, or recently got a new case, you can purchase more Mag FLEX Discs right here. Simply attach the new disc in the same fashion, and you’re good to go!

FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger

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