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How to Choose the Right Cell-Phone Mount

So many options for mounting a phone in a car or truck

It may be obvious that using your smartphone while driving is safer when it is attached to a cellphone mount. As long as it doesn't keep the driver distracted for too long. A cellphone mount allowing you to charge your device and select the apps on the screen without compromising your road safety is critical for the modern-day driver. 

When it comes to choosing the right cell phone mount, what are the most features to keep an eye for? 

Do You Need a Cellphone Mount?

If you spend a lot of time commuting in your car, then you should consider one. Placing your phone in the holder is much safer than holding it in your hand while driving or peeking at your device for the most recent notification. Most smartphones are costly. You don't want your phone to slide onto the floor whenever you stop suddenly or do a sharp turn, do you?

Since you use a smartphone mount every day, it is important you get the best cellphone holder that lasts and works with no stress.

Air Vent Cellphone Mounting

The phone holders mounted to the air vents in the car usually give the most opportunities for optimal and functional placement without limiting the driver's view. BUT, they are weak, floppy, and interfere with airflow in the car and call quality from the noise.


So, what are the Three Benefits of the Right Cell-Phone Mount

1. Stability of Holding the Cellphone - The Least Amount of Wobble!

The phone stability in the mount is a decisive factor for many users since some can not hold heavier phones or withstand bumpy roads. It is often generalized that the more universal the phone mount is, the weaker it is.

2. Easily Adapts to Different Smartphones - No fuss, universal mounting

Some users point out that a universal cellphone holder for different phone models is crucial. Versatility means the handle has to adapt to different cellphone sizes. In 95% of cases, universal use is not as important for those who do not change phones often.

3. Speed ​​of Charging

People want their cell phones to charge quickly, especially when they are on the go! It is crucial to have anything preventing the cell phone from charging while in transit.

4. Cellphone Mount Durability and FeaturesThe look of the cellphone holder and the quality of the product materials are not deciding factors compared to their usability.

- Does it last?
- Can it be adjusted for your needs?
- Does the phone mount integrate with your life?

So many choices, we broke it down for you. 

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