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Who is Mob Armor?

Mob Armor office

Mob Armor was established in 2014 as a part of Solve-It! Companies LLC. We are a manufacturer of heavy-duty mounting solutions and accessories for phones, cameras, tablets, tools, and more. The Mob Armor brand started when a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo engineering student on staff designed a phone mount that could actually withstand the rough environment of off-roading. As an off-road enthusiast he had a passion for designing innovative products that he could use. Years one and two, Mob Armor was a niche company, specializing in products for the off-road industry. 

From recreational drivers with off-road vehicles to professional racers that competed in events like the Baja 1000, Mob Armor is not only a manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions and accessories but is also a growing lifestyle brand. In 2018, Mob Armor absorbed the three other brands under Solve-It! Companies including; Pad Grip, Flash Grip, and Fit Grip. Flash Grip was the first product line developed by Solve-It Companies LLC, supported by flashlight mounts made to hold the three popular sizes of flashlight, AA, C, and D. Pad Grip was one of the first tablet mounting solutions brought to market in 2011. Finally, Fit Grip was a brand that supported the strength and conditioning industry, with heavy-duty iPad enclosures and mounts for weight racks. 

Today, Mob Armor is still supporting these industries, and has provided solutions for use in construction, trucking, for first responders, contractors, manufacturing facilities and many other heavy-duty industries. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to accomplish their goals by engineering products that exceed expectation and match lifestyle in design and performance. Each product is hand-assembled and designed to take an innovative approach to securing mobile devices in and around heavy-duty equipment.

We envision a world where Mob Armor hardware enables people to utilize mobile technology safely while accomplishing the unimaginable. As a California-based manufacturer, we hold ourselves accountable to sourcing each of our products with high-quality components. We vow to continue innovating and manufacturing products to perform in the most extreme environments.

Mob Armor employees assembling products